2015 Company annual party

Good night everybody!

Today everyone looks very happy. The atmosphere is lively. At this moment, I'll float thought of everyone in the workshop for equipment debugging, answer the customer question and knocked on the program code quickly. At this moment, we really missed Miss Zhu and MR Liu. Especially Miss Zhu, she will spend an unforgettable Spring Festival in Mexico. We thanked her deeply! Let's clap for Miss Zhu.

Why do we need to pay that? Because we have seen the trends of the Internet .It will change the mode of production. We already with the dream of it! In 2016, and after a few years, the company will develop from the project drive gradually transition to product-driven. Only we keep honesty and innovation, we ensure that company multiplication factor can be found. It will be a more competitive, more unity and more vigorous team.

Thank you for all partners in this year. Let’s cheer! I wish you all a happy New Year!

January 29, 2016

Attachment: list of awards

Team award: the product research and development department

Order progress award: Chen Ming

Make award: Hou Shan Xiao

Attentively prize: Dong Yi

Special Award of Merit: Zhu Zhi Hong

Basketball game in 2016

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