LMS label management system

The user login

the user login is in the past of system, enter the system need to have the corresponding account and password, only the system approved by the user to log on to the system using the related functions.

The label template management

This system centered on the label template, you can create and maintain multiple template tags, the basic design of the template by the BarTender or other ipl or ZPL command can generate script forms of tools to design.Design is completed to the system of centralized management and call print according to demand.

Centralized management including adding number prefix, suffix, date on the label and serial number of the rules, and the effectiveness of the template, can let some templates is in a state is not available, in case of misuse.

Label printing

Label printing is the most main function of this system, after the user login according to the label to print the PO or the work order, input the corresponding number, access to documents from Oracle ERP information is used to label the production of basic information.

PO label need to manually enter the batch number at the same time, record the serial number, you can batch printing many times.

Work order labels automatically according to the work order number and the amount of each box, need a few pieces of tags.

Tag USES dozen

When the label damaged or lost, you need a person with a thump permissions can fill the corresponding label, system of logging fill dozens, in order to check.

Users to add, modify, delete

New users determine the only number, user name, email, phone, etc., setting a new password.

The user to change, may modify the user's mailbox, phone, etc., to reset your password, etc.

Delete users, for users, no longer provide the delete function, delete the users can't use this system.

Rights management

The user authorization management, grant or exempt from user groups with permissions.The user must be added to obtain permission corresponding user group.

The user query operation

User login, labels, modify, label printing, label play etc have log records, records of the operation of users can be queried here, learn the user's operation situation.

Oracle ERP interfaces

Work order, the information such as PO by Oracle ERP interfaces directly from the Oracle ERP according to work order, the information such as PO, Oracle ERP is a main data source of the system, and could be deployed in any branch of labels used in the management system.

How to get the relevant information, from Oracle ERP by Oracle ERP implementation personnel to help define a set of the interface.

The label design system

Label printing management system is mainly used for user permissions and label template, label printing, label management.The design needs to have a label template to generate the ipl, ZPL language script tag design software, recommend the BarTender, the diagram below:

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