ACC traceability system

ACC is a systemic application to track and control the key Process data in Production Line; it provides Low cost solution to solve your real business issue for Production Line, such as mistake proof, trace your raw material, equipments, process data and operations;

ACC is to real-time communicate with production line/equipment and feeding the data to other upstream/functional system;ACC also provides a Real Time and on-line report to monitor and control your production line’s status, for instance, to display Cycle time, Day & Shift Summary status, 1st Pass Yield, Finished Goods status, SPC plot, Capacity of Machine, ACCurate Run Times for each operation, actual Audit Result, etc;Meanwhile, ACC application is easy to integrate with other ERP Systems, such as QAD MFG/PRO, SAP, or other 3rd-party systems;  It is a system to link your production floor with your top floor applications;

ACC has established and developed a set of standard machine-ACC interface and ACC can communicate with variant control systems (like PLC – AllenBradley, Siemens, Bechhoff, Omron, Mitsubish, PC based system, CNC etc.) with high speed (non-OPC technology) to simplify control logic without cycle time loss;

ACC system is a pure Ethernet solution and it is easy for I.T. implementation and maintenance;

ACC system is flexible for different production lines and it helps for enterprise’s shop floor system standardizatio

Issue in production lines


Production line process modeling and routing proof

Process parameter download to machine PLC

Process data / test data collection

Line performance data collection

Rework control

Serial number generation and label printing

Boundary sample and station audit schedule enforcement

Lot / Serial Traceability

Packing and label printing

SPC plot, SPC

Data retention

Live line status monitoring and Andon


HMI Erorr proof

Technology Advantage

ücommunication protocol It can work with different machine interface and it can extend for new devices (PLC, other terminal device, etc.) for high speed data exchange such as:AB, Siemens, Mitsitubishi, Omron , or controlling system basis on PC
üplatformFollowing ISA95abstraction from all kinds of lines circumstance,configurable,convenient
üStation process can be scripted

ü ERP system interface can be extended and integrated

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