MES is the research and production management is put forward in the 1990 s about the new concept of production organization and management, according to the International union (International) MESA MESA"MES can through the transmission of information, from order to order to complete the management of the entire production process is optimized, real-time incident to the factory, react accordingly and report in time, and the accurate data for the corresponding guidance and treatment".

According to the initial demand, combined with the general automobile enterprise information system planning, the project design in order to "plan and production" as the core, radiation parts procurement, warehousing and sales part of the field.This temporary not consider and PDM, PLM and so on system integration.

Shanghai iPlant in and around the EPS production line production line, such as machining (racks, Bullnut, Housing, etc.), IPA, Sensor, electronics (SMT, HSG ASSY, Coil, Power Module, Power Connector, ECU ASSY, etc.),Motor, the Column, Shaft Bracket, EPP, and other fields have years of experience in MES implementation, iPlant MES has been applied to    many famous global car key parts and components manufacturers, validated by a large amount of actual production line,

In the process of the understanding of the EPS production line also gradually enhanced, the implementation of the accumulated rich experience.Is also a customer BMW automobile electron velocity sensor production line's MES supplier, this system has been running for many years, basic operation stability.

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