company culture
Realm: Simple is beauty

Founded background
At the beginning of the 21st century has entered China manufacturing power, but is not a manufacturing powerhouse, development of advanced manufacturing industry to become the call of The Times, the key to national strength.The creative application of the Internet of things technology will bring profound change in traditional manufacturing.This could be the new wave of industrial informatization, the sustainable development of the future space is huge.
Company's technical core team through long-term tracking the international advanced software development concept and architecture, understand the production and management needs, has rich experience in development, implementation and optimization.We should gather vision, let oneself to carry forward, repay society.
Become a subdivision industry's most valuable company.This displays in:
Customer said: "I would like to establish a long-term relations of cooperation with iPlant".
Shareholder said: "to the IIT is one of my best investments".
Staff said: "to become a member of the IIT, I am very proud".
Government said: "into the IIT, our country have hope".
Society, said: "the company's products made outstanding contributions to industrial development".
After the first customer value, the value of the company;
Employees are the most valuable resources;
Effective management, trust and respect, enhance value;
Honesty and integrity, ethical, to keep the value.
Excellence: we try to make it  best
Responsibility: we clear responsibility, conscientious
Health and safety: we are committed to ensure the health and safety of all employees
Tolerance: we understand and respect individual differences
Communication: we communicate openly equally, subjective and objective first, essence and then form and goal first, then process
Execution: we faithfully perform, feedback the problems in execution
Salary: we offer a competitive salary and benefits
Learning: learning, growing, and we continue to change
Innovation: we humbly accept new concept and idea, encourage the creation
Participation: we participate in all aspects of construction company, is committed to creating a better future
Code of ethics
IIT company requires all employees in the performance of personal responsibility at the same time, strictly abide by the following the most basic moral principles:
Compliance: respect and abide by the relevant laws, regulations and rules.
Quality: we are committed to provide high quality products and services.
Respect for human rights: we respect human rights, but also require our suppliers to respect human rights.
Fair competition: the competitive advantage comes from the remarkable performance.We are firmly against illegal and unethical business activities.
Fair employment principle: according to the results we provide every employee with equal, fair employment and promotion opportunities.
Avoid conflicts of interest: we avoid judgment, companies and individuals benefit conflict relationship and behavior.We can't use the position for personal or other and in the park have a competitive relationship of entities seek improper interests.
To protect the company's assets and information: in addition to the work needs and those of the firm, without authorization, the property should not be used in IIT, information and other opportunities.At the same time, each iPlant employees deal with companies or other institutions for information strictly confidential information and employees.

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