Electronic power steering system, EPS production line successful cases

EPS by Housing, Sensor, Motor, ECU, assembled Column, etc. Equipment mainly: Spain - Mapro and Malaysia Flexlink, PLC models is AB, and PLC is Shared by multiple devices. The production line USES almost all system functions.
1. The equipment construction debugging.
In the construction phase of the production line equipment, iPlant with equipment suppliers by the interface definition to predefined criteria, for each work station has realized the mistake proofing, traceability, alarm, parameter control and equipment from the iPlant by HMI to download all the production process parameters defined, each time by iPlant will modify parameters automatically according to need tell the parameters of the latest equipment, and at the same time will show the corresponding information on HMI operator prompts to download the latest parameters.
PLC is a few stand sharing, save investment, but the software performance requirements.
2. The interaction and control of key points.
In ECU assembly station, before the customer requirements in the assembly of ECU Pin Check, prevent operators will be unqualified ECU assembly, such as needle slanting, etc. Equipment supplier, therefore, need to use a camera to detect ECU needle is OK, the ECU is fine products, etc. Due to the camera directly with iPlant communication is difficult, but want to collect the test results of the camera, is a difficult problem for iPlant. In order to solve this problem, use iPlant DT4000 acquisition terminal, through the COM serial data and DI/DO signals to achieve the collection of ECU test results, when the ECU barcode is sweeping the equipment will be sent to the ECU barcode through the COM DT4000, when the ECU testing is complete, the equipment will send DT4000 DI/DO signals, such as DI/DO 1 for testing OK, DI/DO 2 for test failure, iPlant will Server inside of DT4000 serial data through Ethernet and DI/DO signals are monitored, or when the COM DI/DO signals with data, iPalnt the ECU barcode saved to the database and the test result, when the ECU before assembly standing ready to assemble ECU, iPalnt will Check whether the ECU for Pin Check qualified parts, if not, iPlant will tell device to prevent the birth of a defective product.
3. The other functions of production line.
Barcode printing, audit, material traceability, and other functions, the data on the PC back, parts state examination, time synchronization, and other functions are applied. Each production parts, iPlant will according to the information such as barcode to check whether the thing belongs to the work station, whether the state is normal, if not, iPlant will prompt the relevant error message on the HMI and stop the machine, only normal and belongs to the work station to continue to produce, even with a bad product, customers can also through iPlant to rework or scrap the parts. After the production, iPlant will check unload barcode, production data, and so on to ensure that the parts with production data is one-to-one, iPlant mistake proofing ability greatly reduce the birth of the defective product, reduce the risk, but also saves the cost of production.

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